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Over the last two weeks I increased my prednisone dose from 8mg to 12mg. I haven’t been so close to my lifelong “maintenance dose” of 5mg for two years. I have no idea what happened. There was no indicator for this recent flare. I had to stop climbing, I found it difficult to brush my teeth, get out of bed, feed the dogs.

While physically I feel great now, all the side-effects of the steroid came back like clockwork. I got insomnia and some anxiety. The sharp increase also came with the feeling of inflammation around my lungs and heart. So, after five days of the high dose I started to lower back down as much as I could. First, 11mg on the days I had work, and 10mg on my days off.

Unfortunately, 10mg doesn’t seem to be enough. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t have work today. I am having trouble moving my hips and my knees so I decided to stay in and have a relaxing Friday night in.

So, what does a 23-year-old with a RA flare do to keep herself busy on a Friday night? In preparation for my first live performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” I decided to design a nail art for the occasion.

I water-marbled most of my nails and left one accent with a red-lip stamp. I also did a red-drip on the tips.

The nail polishes I used: Essie’s “Blanc”, Butter London’s “Knees Up”, Wet n Wild’s “Black Crème”, and Zoya’s “Goldie”.

I apologize for the messy clean-up. I am still getting used to lighting and good angles but the colors are pretty accurate.

Left Thumb

Left Hand

Right Hand

For the marbled nails, I started with two base coats of Essie’s “Blanc” to anchor and brighten the colors on top.

For the accented nail, I used two coats of Wet n Wild’s “Black Creme” and used the Bundle Monster nail plate “BM 303”.

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.