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Well, there is a halloween costume party at the rock-climbing gym. I managed to weasel my way into someone’s climbing group so I will be doing a little climbing tomorrow.


I do not do scary. Never have, never will.

However,  I do celebrate Halloween in my own way. I paint my face funky colors, slap on a pair of antennae and call myself a funny bug. My sophomore year of college, I was a funny ladybug since I wore a spotted sweater.

This may be the hispanic part of me. Dia de los Muertos (initially a Mexican holiday but is celebrated all throughout South America) is a celebration and remembrance of those who have left us. There is none of the black and gray and scary nonsense. Colors! Celebration! Happy thoughts!…sort of.


This year, since heavy stage make-up is probably not the best idea I still decided to honor my neon ways. I will wear neon sports wear and this awesome nail art.


I used 2 coats Julie G “White Orchid” and one generous coat of Seche Vite.

Afterwards, I alternated Color Club “Almost Famous”“Wham! Pow!”“Wharhol”Sephora by OPI “Cover Me in Petals”, and Milani “Peacock”.

I dotted the colors individually and water-colored them with Zoya Remove +. I went back and covered any bald spots or places where I accidentally went down to bare nail.

I finished with one coat Cult Nails Wax That top coat. It will hold better on the wall.

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.