Born Pretty Store Holographic Polish in Pumpkin Carriage || Review


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The holographic train doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon and I am personally quite okay with that! Born Pretty Store recently came out with some new holographic nail polishes and I couldn’t help asking for one. In this line, there are six new shades ranging from purple and red to grey and green. I went for the orange “Pumpkin Carriage” since it’s my favorite color!

The color builds up quite nicely in two/three coats (depending on the layer’s thickness). And wears well with and without top coat. In the following photos you might notice something a little odd which I will get to after I’ve shown them to you. As I’ve stated in previous reviews, my biggest grievance with BPS polishes is their brush. They are thick and clunky and promote pooling in the cuticles. Sure, the polish cleans up pretty well but with a nicer brush clean up could be completely avoided!


With top coat.

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish: Pumpkin Carriage ReviewNotice anything unusual??

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish: Pumpkin Carriage ReviewNot yet?

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish: Pumpkin Carriage ReviewBorn Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish: Pumpkin Carriage ReviewWait for it…

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish: Pumpkin Carriage ReviewWhat is happening?? First, top coat dulls the holo and makes it look more like orange shimmer. Second, it shows a massive uneven finish in color! Why are parts of it super dark? I did even coats on each nail. It is an odd reaction that is extremely noticeable in any light.

Without top coat.

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish: Pumpkin Carriage ReviewClearly there is a difference when it comes to top coat application and unfortunately, it’s an issue that plagues most holographic polishes. The addition of top coat always diminish the rainbows! The orange is not as bright so I guess I have to decide. Do I want brighter orange or brighter holo?

I recommend using the polish without top coat. The holographic particles are more noticeable and the polish lasts just as long, if not longer than with the sealant. It’s a little gritty but honestly, not all that noticeable.

If you’re interested, check out this polish (here)*. And don’t forget to use my 10% off code if you place an order.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Born Pretty Store 10% off code


An Interesting Reunion…

To see the corresponding nail art click (here).

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A strange thing happened a couple of weekends ago. I attended my 10 year high school reunion. Well, I guess that wasn’t the odd part seeing as I’ve known it was coming well, for the last decade!…

But, first, let me backtrack for a second. A lot (and, a very small amount) has happened in the last decade. I was diagnosed with a life-altering disease. I defered school, I stopped working full-time and I slept through most of my 20s. This insane illness changed my life and ended it as I knew it. Everything I ever worked so hard for was now swept under the rug.

Through social media, I saw my peers finishing graduate school, starting careers and moving forward in relationships. It was heartbreaking for me. I knew social media inflated the good and skewed the truth but things like graduations, marriages and new jobs were just reminders of things I had yet to accomplish. I eventually became a bit numb to it. I accepted my path was now different than that of my peers. Just because I was taking longer to accomplish the same goals didn’t minimize my ambition. It wasn’t bad, it was just reality.

Fast forward to reunion weekend. I went to a private school so they took their reunions seriously (starting to see why I quantify success by my current achievements?). The events took place during the annual carnival that includes every school on our close: the elementary school, the boy’s and girl’s school and the religious institution we were affiliated with. Our specific class get-togethers spanned a couple of days and happened at different alum’s houses.

After ten years, I assumed (with the help of social media) that most of my classmates had their lives pretty well figured out. They shared ample articles highlighting their successes, med school placements (I’m still the only one going vetmed) and other good news. Granted, I had my own triumphs but that is beside the point.

I get there and parked three blocks away at the bottom of the massive hill. I needed my cane. I generally don’t use my cane but today, knowing the hill, knowing I would be standing for most of the evening, I thought ahead.

People asked me about the cane, the ones who already knew about my illness asked how I was doing and absolutely nobody judged me! At least, not to my face. Instead, they actually congratulated me on how well I was doing despite the RA.

This was one of the few times I was obviously “disabled” and no one thought twice about it. I knew most of the students because we had all gone to school together since we were five years old. Of course, that didn’t mean we were all friends. Like any school, there were cliques and groups of like-minded individuals. Everyone got on well but that didn’t mean we ran in the same circles. But, today, ten years later, it didn’t matter. We were all on the same team.

The one other thing that stood out to me was that everyone was still figuring out their lives. Sure, they were in school or “settling down” but really, they were just enjoying life and learning about themselves. In this respect, I was right on par with them.


I didn’t expect my peers to judge me but maybe I expected more questions, more pity, and judgement that I was ten years behind everyone else. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t realize I would have so much support from the people I barely chatted with ten years ago!

Victory is subjective. Sure, the accolades, the awards, the recognition are all substantial but the truth is, if I try and work hard I still win. And, maybe, just maybe someone is looking at me and saying “wow, look what she’s done in the last ten years!”

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


A Purple Dry Brush for A Special Birthday

I did this cute purple look for a dear friend’s birthday over on Instagram. Gen (@vernimage) is one of the sweetest people. She always has a good word to say about my nail art!

A fair few of us recreated our favorites from her and here is the one I came up with!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite master the technique Gen used so I did my signature dry brush instead!

IMG_7880Polishes Used: Zoya Haven, American Apparel Neon Purple, Milani Vivid Violet (old formula), Barry M Plum, Pahlish Mind Like a Diamon (n/a), Born Pretty Store Heroine, L’oreal Sexy in Sequins


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Satisfied Sunday – 5/6


A very interesting thing happened last weekend: my 10 year high school reunion. It was fun to see everyone and I am so grateful…

marguerite-daisy-beautiful-beauty.jpg…that everyone was so unconditionally supportive of my condition and did not outwardly judge me!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Dumb Sh*t People Say – RA Edition: Series Six

“Do more yoga”


Disclaimer: I don’t like yoga or meditation. I am too high strung for that shit.


Most people have never heard of an autoimmune condition because it is an invisible illness. This means that unless they have one themselves or have a passing familiarity with it (a close friend or family member has it) the average person does not know what Rheumatoid Arthritis is.

For this reason I try not to judge people and I only get annoyed when they start advising me on stress. “I started yoga and stopped getting sick! It will definitely help with your autoimmunity!”

There are two things wrong with this…

First, stress does not cause autoimmune conditions. It can effect the intensity of flares but does not cause the disorders. (If this were the case then my entire high school class would have one).

Second, just because the word autoimmune contains ‘immune’ does not mean that my condition suddenly gets better when I’m not sick. Yes, my immunity is involved but not in the way most people think. My immunity is confused and instead of attacking bacteria and viruses, it is going after my cartilage instead.

I’m not saying stress does not play a role in my RA because it does, to some extent. It does not, however, completely dictate whether I experience symptoms (or not) and no, yoga won’t cure me, but thanks for the suggestion.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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Eagle Reunion || Nail Art

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This past weekend was my 10-year high school reunion?? I am almost 30 which completely blows my mind because I don’t feel any older than 23 or 24.

I hemmed and hawed about whether I wanted to go to my reunion, not because I didn’t want to see people but because I didn’t want to explain my RA. It wasn’t even the arthritis that was an issue. I felt embarrassed that my life came to a standstill because of it.

Surprisingly, though, most of us were still trying to figure things out. My peers were all doing really neat things but their lives are not as set as we probably thought they would be ten years down the line.

It was really fun to catch up with everyone so in the spirit of the occasion I did a fun look sporting our school colors.

GO Eagles!

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REUNION.jpgBase: essie Blanc*

Stamping: born pretty store stamping polish* (silver – product #39203), Pueen Cosmetics PUEEN41

Dots: Zoya Iris (purple), Pippa (yellow)


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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Trash Talk || Product Empties Vol. 2 Video


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Yankee Candle – Mistletoe

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion – Cocoa Butter*

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Estee Lauder Enlighten Serum//Advanced Night Repair Serum

Dr. Sebagh Hyaluronic Acid Repair Serum

Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet

Lavanilla Sport Luxe Deodorant in Vanilla Bliss

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water*

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Make Up For Ever Eyeliner Pencil in M-10

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